It’s a Beautiful Thing

Happy Jackson Things Babushka

We all need some colour in our lives. Weather it’s on our clothes, on our cup of coffee, on our lips or in our notebooks. It makes your day better and brighter, every (yes, even the most boring) thing becomes at least a bit more fun. Imagine reading your college notes without some colourful markers, I get lost in a minute. Colour gives us focus, energy and strength.

babushka cactus gift

I first came upon Happy Jackson products in Babusha Boutique. It’s one of my favourite places for buying gifts and as my friends found out by now, one of the best places to find a gift for me 🙂 Well, Happy Jackson is all about the colours. As described on their website:

Bright colours, bold patterns, playful words…
Happy Jackson is all about bringing a little bit more
awesome into everyday life!

Happy Jackson You're Lovely Coaster

I own some of their useful and colorful product and my collection got even bigger last week after their opening party (thank you again, Babushka:)).

Happy Jackson World's Best Lady Driver Strawberry Car Freshener

Happy Jackson I Am So Freaking Organised Mini Sticky Notes

These sticky notes got me through all of the differential exams and they helped me face with a shock when I realized that the amount of books and articles I’ll have to read is bigger than expected. And I’m sure they will help me with my studies this year at master’s program.


Yep, this is definitely the perfect line for me. Can’t wake up in the morning, don’t have time to make tea or coffee, need to take it with me. And it’s blue!

Happy Jackson Yay I'm Home Keyring

And these are the keys to my first apartment! 🙂 I’ve been renovating it through the whole summer with my family and hopefully, I’m moving there in the next days.

Happy Jackson World's Best Lady Driver Strawberry Car Freshener

Je t’embrasse,


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