Oil-Based Cosmetics for Colder Days

oil based products

This is a post for all of you who have a fear of colder days and central heating (but still can’t resist a good snowball fight, no matter what age;)). The reason: dry skin and all of the problems that come along. When I was a kid I spend the winter with completely red, itchy, cracked hands covered in thick layers of creme, mixed in a pharmacy. Things got better with age but my hands still have a bit more visible structure (nice expression for lots of fine lines) and my skin still falls into dry category, which involves some scaling, itching and red (or sometimes even grey) patches. Fortunately for us, the people of summer, oil-based product are a big hit now. Coconut, argan, almond … oil can be found in many products and there are many recipes making it able to mix natural cosmetics in your kitchen. After some help from Google and shopping trips, I can finally say I’m ready for winter and all of it’s pros and cons. 🙂

If you are looking for and cosmetics to get you prepared for the fight with central heating, here’s a review of oil-based products on my cosmetic shelf.

the body shop coconut oil

The Body Shop Coconut Beautifying Oil (for body, face and hair)

The oil in this little bottle smells so good you have to be careful not to eat it. Skin has a nice scent of coconut through the whole day, the one that reminds me of summer and coconut sun oils. And my skin just loves the light but moisturizing structure. But as much as my skin likes it, my hair hate it. I tried using it on my hair once or twice and even though they weren’t dry anymore, they weren’t soft and my hairstyle had absolutely no shape, it looked like I can’t find the time to wash my hair. Maybe it would be better on more curly, thick hair, for me, it was just too heavy. Back to the pros: great for body, perfect for massages (just imagine a foot massage after a busy day :))

Afrodita cosmetics make up remover

Afrodita Cosmetics Make-up Remover

This is the first make-up remover for which I am 100% sure it removes absolutely all of the make up, judging by the amount of make up on the pads and the fact I don’t wake up with mascara stains under my eyes. Afrodita Cosmetics is actually a Slovenian brand, based on natural, high-quality product. These make up remover is based on natural almond oil and can be also used as a baby oil or as a help against stretch marks. I was a bit scared of gaining some zits with oil make-up removers but for now, I haven’t got any. I’m keeping it 🙂

moroccanoil hair treatment

Moroccanoil Treatment/Light

I got a small bottle of Moroccanoil treatment a few times as a gift in some magazines and I always told myself I would need a bigger bottle one day. These day was one day in September. I’m currently trying to grow out my hair, so I’m drinking MSM, using natural hair-brushes ect. But I needed something more for my colored, lightened hair, I really didn’t want to visit my hairdresser with lots of split ends. For now, it seems like I found a good solution. I put a small amount of Moroccanoil on my hair after washing them, when they are still damp and when they are dry, they are soft, my hairstyle looks nice without hairdryer and the split ends are slowly (but not completely) beginning to disappear. The product is based on argan oil and it comes in two versions: the usual (for all hair types) and the light (for lightened or naturally blond, more thin hair). Even though it’s more on the expensive side, it’s worth its money and for now, I have a felling you can use one bottle for quite a while.

Have you tried any of these product? What’s your opinion :)?

oil based products

Je t’embrasse,


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