Sziget 2015

sziget 2015 baloons

Those of you following my Instagram account probably saw that I went to Sziget festival this year. I have to confess that before I was sitting on a train, I wasn’t really excited. I was working a lot, got sick (or, according to the news reports, maybe poisoned with some sea algae) and worked when I was still in the process of getting better, I was renovating my (future) apartment, and still had lots of college work. Believe me, a week off wasn’t in my plan, but I’ve already bought the tickets months ago. And when I was sitting on the train back home, I could just turn around and do it all again.

ootd sziget

You know how things just fall into place sometimes and you end up exactly where you have to be? Well, my place to be was somewhere away from all the work, the pressure and the tension.


I don’t remember when was the last time I felt so ME. Maybe we all need to runaway from our usual lives sometimes, take a break from all the expectations and obligations, making your biggest worry if you will get to all of the concerts in time.

sziget flag party ootd

True Szitizen 🙂

icecream sziget

The most photogenic ice cream cone ever.

budapest circus

I want to be able to do that soon!

ootd budapest

Happy Pia 

sziget stage

This candy-colored stage!

ootd sziget peace

Of course I had to make some ootd photos 🙂

streets of budapest

And visit the city of Budapest.

sziget lights

Je t’embrasse,


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