Our Growing Edge Round Up: July 2015

July was over before I could realize it has begun. I traveled a bit more than I expected I would, I worked a little more then I planed and before I knew it, August was here. I didn’t have much time to cook or bake, so I was looking forward to writing this round up and getting some recipe ideas. I was so happy when I got the chance to host this month’s edition of Our Growing Edge, but I never realized how soon the months pass. Today, I read all of the recipes, and I must say they are all so diverse, colorful, delicious-looking and absolutely perfect Party With Friends.

If you are preparing a party, inviting some friends for a visit, having a family gathering, I’m sure that you will find something scrolling through recipes below. I got hungry just looking at some photos 🙂

Dash of Jazz 

dash of jazz

Jazzmine from Dash of Jazz made one of my favorite desserts with a spicy twist. I love banana bread and I could eat it for breakfast, dessert and supper. The twist is in the spices – cinnamon, nutmeg and ground clove. Could this combination be even better?

Eat Munch Love


Desserts for breakfast have always been my weak point. Who wouldn’t want a muffin for breakfast? Especially if it is filled with other breakfast-associated food, such as cereal or granola, so you can’t feel too guilty when you enjoy some sweet treats. These muffins will appear on my plate very soon.

A Kitchen in Uganda


I don’t know what was the weather like around the world in July, but in Slovenia and every country I visited in July, there was a heatwave. And I’m sorry I didn’t stumble upon this recipe sooner as it is PERFECT for hot summer days. I think nobody would attend a party this month if I wouldn’t promise some refreshing drinks 🙂 I feel refreshed just looking at it!

EVERY good party needs a cake, so I wasn’t surprised to see some yummy cake recipes and even more yummy-looking photos

Handful of Sunshine


I love polka dots, but until now, I only connected them with clothes (I confess, I have too many skirts and dresses with polka dots). This cake immediately caught my eye, it seemed so fun to make and I’m definitely trying this decoration technique.

The Dream Baker


I automatically associate strawberries with summer, summer parties, summer picnics… All in all, top summer fruit. Kerene shared a delicious recipe for Strawberry Chantilly Cake, and I don’t know how it was possible to take a photo without anyone trying to eat it sooner. I know I would have that problem 🙂

Good Cake Day


This is one of the prettiest birthday cakes (and cupcakes, and decorations) I have ever seen! It also has a fun story behind it, so take a look at Chinelo’s blog. She got me thinking I should take a course on decorating cakes with fondant, I want to make something like this, too!

Nom Nom Panda


It has never come to my mind that different cultures also mean different cake preferences. I loved this post about differences between Western and Asian cakes and it an interesting read for every cake lover. And the longer you read, the hungrier you will get, as you will find FOUR cake recipes. One for each week of next month 🙂

Bunny Eats Designs


This is one delicious looking burger party! I love the idea and I’ll probably make one in the future. The sliders are so diverse and the presentation is simply gorgeous. You can’t miss that Genie is a graphic designer.

Foodie Goes Primal


Heidi from Foodie goes primal came up with a delicious menu for a party with friends, combining lots of delicious foods. It’s a low carb menu and I can’t say it better than it’s written in the post: Who needs bread when you have all these beautiful foods!

The Village Pot

the village pot

I must say I find it hard to chose a photo to present this delicious menu from a Nigerian Vegetarian Party. Fried rice, plantain chips, coconut and carrot muffins… EVERYTHING made me hungry! And I’m definitely trying out the recipe for the fruit infused water in this hot summer days.

For the Love of Cookbooks


This was a very interesting read about a mid-winter Christmas in the southern hemisphere. You just need to create the right atmosphere, have some friends around you and you can celebrate a holiday sooner (or later) :). And let’s not forget about food – check out some recipes here, I’m sure they will get you in the Christmas mood.

The Kiwi Diaries

the kiwi diaries2

Last but not least, here is a book inspired dinner party. Jules from The Kiwi Diaries got me inspired to do something similar myself, who wouldn’t love a glass of Polyjuice Potion from Harry Potter? And as a huge Alice in Wonderland fan, I will just have to make Mini Un-Birthday cakes.

Hungry? 🙂

Je t’embrasse,


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P.s. If you have any yummy recipes to share, you can also share them on Our Growing Edge. This month’s is hosted by Caroline from Shrinking Single and the theme is Treat Yourself.


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