The classic look (with Catrice Cosmetics)

Catrice cosmetics

After three weeks of hardcore studying, finishing projects and a lot of dancing, I’m back 🙂 I had absolutely no time for baking, but I plan to prepare something before the weekend ends. Until then, here is something different I haven’t written about. Cosmetics. To be more precise, cruelty-free cosmetics.

I’ve always tried to pick more natural, environmental-friendly cosmetics, but sometimes, it seemed like a mission impossible. First, the lists of cruelty-free cosmetics are really confusing. I found many different information, sometimes I didn’t found the brand that I was using on any list and so on. And second, when I was younger, we didn’t have a lot of choice in cosmetics. I don’t even know if we had a cruelty-free lipstick on shelves 10 years ago. Luckily, there were more and more brands in the stores and soon I was able to find 100%-googledeverywhere-positivelyokay-crueltyfree cosmetics. 🙂 My make-up case and bathroom shelf are now finally completely animal friendly.

catrice red lipstick

After the last exam, I was without foundation, I’ve lost my red lipstick in the mess in my room, and discovered I’ve been out of dry powder for more than a year! Or I just needed shopping after a stressful week. Anyway, I got to the store and walked straight to one stand that sold a brand I knew was on the ”good” list. I’ve bought mascara from this brand a few months ago after furiously googling where does it stand on animal testing. The mascara was great, so I decided to try some more make up from … Catrice.

The foundation: Nude Illusion Make-up (010 Nude Ivory)

Catrice nude illusion make up

I’m always careful when I’m buying foundation, as I really don’t like that mask-effect some have, and my skin is really light and thin, so I have trouble finding the appropriate color. But I was really lucky choosing this one. It really has that nude effect and it covers my freckles in the right amount – enough to keep them from prevailing on my face but still not covering them completely, so you can still see them.

Rating: 5 paws

The powder: Velvet Finish Powder with Hyaluron (020 Natural Velvet)

catrice velvet finish

These piece of cosmetics (along with the first one) had a tough work on their first day. I had a dance show through the whole afternoon and evening, so I definitely didn’t want my skin to shine and glow from the stage. And I have to say it did a great job. Of course, there was some sweat on my face after every dance, but after 5 minute rest, everything was back to normal. And I looked at the photos, no shiny forehead.

Not to mention the skin is soft. Soooo soft!

Rating: 5 paws

The lipstick: Ultimate Color (350 MATTador)

catrice red mat lipstick

I can be a very picky shopper. I don’t want my skin to shine and I also don’t want my lips to shine. I started using lip gloss less and less lately, when I discovered it looks like lips took over my face, as they are a bit on the fuller side. So i’m moving to mat lipsticks with a bit more color, it usually stops people from thinking I’m sixteen and they add me few more years. Maybe it’s because I’m actually 23 years old and sometimes, I feel that people don’t take me so seriously, as they think that I’m younger. I’ll probably be happy for that when I’m older, but now, I want to look like I can do some real business 🙂 Well, this color was great for my complexion and it doesn’t dry out your lips. I love the effect of lip stain and this one is perfect for that. It’s not so creamy, but I find that as an advantage, so it’s easier to draw a nice line. If you are looking for a bright, shiny, creamy color this one is not for you, but if your taste is similar to mine, this one is perfect.

Rating: 4 paws

me and red lipstick

For this look, I also used Catrice eyebrow pencil, that is not on sale anymore, and mascara I bought a few months ago. And the brush is also made out of nylon fibers by Body&Soul.


Je t’embrasse,



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