Vegan Spicy Pizza

A piece of vegan pizza

Yesterday, I planned to go out for lunch for a pizza. Vegan cheese pizza. Overloaded with veggies vegan cheese pizza. After the whole week of cooking I felt I need to take advantage of my student privileges and go out for a cheaper than usual and delicious pizza. Unfortunately, things don’t go always as planed so I stayed at home, with my heart set on pizza.

Vegetable pizza

My last attempt of making pizza ended with ordering in, as I tried to make the healthy, cauliflower one … And I ended up with a cracker. And the first vegan though I tried to make was almost impossible to eat, as the tough was so hard I had trouble even cutting the pizza into pieces. You can understand I had my doubts. This time I had to make a proper pizza, as the only place that offers vegan option doesn’t offer delivery to my town. And I’m still sticking to the vegan challenge and being cheese free for the whole month.

Cheese and vegan cheese

To be honest, by the time I made this pizza I was so hungry that I would eat it even if it had been a complete fail. Luckily for me, it wasn’t. It was probably the best pizza I have ever made and it definitely deserves a place on the Internet. So…are you craving pizza yet? If you are, take a look at this recipe. If you aren’t, save it for rainy days :).


1 cup of corn flour
1,5 cup of spelt flour
0.5 cup of wholewheat spelt flour
2 tsp of active dry yeast (the one you don’t have to activate in water, you just add it in the mixture)
1 tsp of sugar
a pinch of salt
1 tbsp of oregano
1 tbsp of basil
1 tsp of garlic and pepper mix

1 cup of water
1 tbsp of olive oil


Pizza sauce
Vegan Mozzarella (or in my case, half of pizza had ordinary cheese on and half vegan cheese, not discriminating any tastes :))
Cherry tomatoes
Bell pepper
Sun-dried tomatoes
Oregano and basil

Baking pizza

Stir flour, salt, sugar, yeast and spices (LOTS of spices) together. Now add water and salt, first stir a bit and then kneed the dough. Let it rise for 2 hours (1 will do if you are in a hurry) and then spread it across the tray. Add the toppings. Bake at 220°C for 20 minutes.

Je t’embrasse,


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Vegan and vegetarian pizza

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