Vegan Surprise Croissants

vegan croissants with chocolate filling

To be honest, I was kind of scared of making vegan croissants. Slovenia has a lot of good bakeries with very delicious croissants, I visited Paris in autumn and I consider France as the homeland of croissants … My expectations were very high and as I’m trying to make and eat more and more vegan meals, I’m always afraid that they won’t turn out as good as their ”usual” versions. And the little voice in my head says I don’t have the time and energy to change my eating habits. The truth is no, I don’t have time, but I have the energy. If I don’t make any huge changes overnight that would probably lead to spending hours and hours in stores, looking for the right foods to eat, I have time. Maybe it will take a year, maybe two, but I will figure everything out. Maybe I’ll even stop occasionally craving cheese (and ending up ordering a huge pizza). I have to say to myself that everybody can’t become vegan overnight. Some need months, some years, but if there’s will, there’s a way. Even if a pile of gauda in standing in the way :).

making vegan croissants

Enough of philosophy, back to the recipe. This time, I decided to play it safe so I tried out this recipe. Just follow the procedure and I assure you that even the most clumsy cook will make something amazing. I changed the ingredients a bit and I used:

1 1/3 cup of spelt flour
1/2 cup of margarine
5 tbsp of raw brown sugar
2 tsp of instant yeast
a dash of salt
1/2 cup of kamut milk

a box of croissants

For the fillings, I used a lot of different stuff:
Melted dark and white chocolate
Peanut butter
Apricot marmalade
Cinnamon and sugar

So nobody would be 100% sure what was in the croissants. I think that surprise made them even better 🙂

cinnamon vegan croissants

While I was writing this post, I stumbled upon some fact about croissants, and the most interesting was the way they are prepared in different countries.  In France and Spain, croissants are generally sold without filling and eaten without added butter, but sometimes with almond filling. I actually tried the almond one in France and it was delicious, but very filling. In Argentina and Italy, they are usually served as breakfast, alongside coffee. In Poland, they make them from rough-puff pastry with white poppy seeds and dainties. Portugal has two kinds of croissants: First is sweet, usually filled with custard, chocolate, fruit jam, or a typical Portuguese cream made of egg yolk and sugar, “doce d’ovo”. The second one is more like a sandwich or toast (1).

Now I want to know how do they usually prepare croissants in your country 🙂 And, oh, if you are a vegan, how long did it take you to figure everything out?

chocolate filled croissant

Je t’embrasse,


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