Call me Santa!


Hey hey! Hope you are having a nice December. I was stuck in the house with a fever for a whole week, but I must say I used my time productively. I got to spent some time with my mum, who also had a cold, and my dog, who I must say misses me the same if I leave for one hour or one week. And I’m slowly getting through my college books. And I decided it’s time to make Christmas presents. Buying them didn’t seem as a possibility, I’m still a bit skeptical when it comes to internet shopping and I think it’s nicer to give something you have made yourself. I must give my mum credits for the paper bags because she wanted them for her co-workers and when I was making them, I thought they would be appropriate for my gifts too. And if any of my friends is reading this, NO, there won’t be a single mention of what is in these bags 🙂



We asked (forced seems like a strong word;)) my dad to by some simple brown eco-paper and I found this beautiful washi tape I bought last month. It’s such a simple procedure but the product is perfect, they look just like you’ve bought them in a store. I’ve found the procedure here.


I ran out of washi tape so I had to think of something to replace the handles. I folded the top of the bag, perforated the paper and made a ribbon. Luckily, we always have a lot of colorful ribbons at home. You know that thing you use to hang your sweaters and T-shirts, next to the neck-line? We always cut them off, as we never use them, we usually fold the sweaters. They make the perfect (free) ribbons!


Don’t they look cute! And you can make them in any size you want, so you can use this procedure to wrap every gift you bought or made.

Je t’embrasse,


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