10 things to do this December

Cup of hot chocolate

I’m slowly getting into the Christmas mood. The temperatures are getting lower and I had to find a warmer coat, cozy hats, fluffy scarves and soft gloves. I’ve just reserved a one day trip to Vienna to see how that beautiful town looks in December, with the festive decorations.And next week the Christmas lights will be turned on in our capital, just a 10 minute walk away from my apartment and I always feel like that is the official beginning of the holiday season. Silly, right? But it’s really nice when you are walking home from college at night (well, night begins at 5 p.m.:)) and you pass by the decorated squares.

I’m also thinking about the gifts I’ll prepare and I’ve even joined an event called Santa for a day. It’s a nationwide action in which people are making gifts for children from poor families and it really gets your creative side going, as you have to make the gift box from an old shoe box. I would really like to meet the person who came up with this idea. And I also know what I will prepare for my friends but I can’t write it here because some of them read my blog :).

Christmas time was always filled with baking in my family, so when I hear the word December, I start smelling cinnamon, gingerbread cookies, apple strudel … you know, the holiday food. I have a plan to make vegan versions of Christmas desserts with more healthy ingredients, that kind you don’t feel bad even if you eat a whole plate of them :).


As you see, I have a million plans each year and I always try to make the most of the Christmas season. But here are the 10 things you absolutely have to do this December! 🙂

1. Make a list of all the people you want to give presents to. You will feel like Santa!

2. Wrap the presents while listening to (cheesy) Christmas songs.

3. When you feel cold, hug a fluffy pet. Actually, you can do that even if you don’t feel cold, that little balls of fur always make your day better :).


4. Never say no to a cup of hot chocolate! Especially if it looks more like pudding, that is the best kind. With cream on top and a small cookie on the plate (In Slovenia, you usually get a cookie when you order coffee, tea, cocoa or other warm drink in a cafe).

hot chocolate and cat leggins

5. Have a glass of mulled wine. Or two. Or make it yourself and invite some friends over. The kitchen will have a nice scent for days!

6. Wear warm, fluffy, childish socks.

penguin socks

7. Visit the seaside or a lake nearby, I’s always beautiful.

8. See the Christmas lights in a town nearby.

christmas lights

9. See the Christmas lights in a town you have never been to during the Christmas season.

10. Tell people you love them. You can be a bit cheesy this December. But not too much 😉

What plans do you have for this December?

Je t’embrasse,


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