Paris through my Cellphone’s Eyes


I have finally collected my photos form Paris. It was about time, as I returned home one month ago. Like all trips to new towns, this was filled with all-day walks, exploring the town to the fullest, eating too many sandwiches and cookies, meeting new cultures and all in all, having fun.


Have I ever mentioned me and my boyfriend have this awful habit of stopping every 100 meters to take a photo? Sometimes with a camera, sometimes with a cell phone, we always carry both of them around on trips anyway :). So I always come home with two memory cards for my camera and at least 100 mobile photos, edited with Vsco cam and Instagram. The ones from the camera usually wait for a month or two, so I can go through all and edit the best ones (something I am still planing to do :)). And that is why I love the fact I can edit the photos from my phone while I am still travelling, when I am resting my tired feet or waiting for my boyfriend to wake up … I’m slowly turning into a morning person!


This post is devoted more to mobile photography than to describing the trip (I promise I’ll do that one day soon, but you know, that huuge folder of photos is scary!). The autumn has just arrived to Paris, so the colors were simply beautiful, and the artsy vibe of the town inspired me to take more and more photos! I hope you enjoy this ”photo-diary”, my little pocket size memory from Paris.


Our lovely apartment we rented by AirBnb – small but cozy with a lovely balcony where we had our everyday-french-breakfast from bakery over the street (Baguettes, croissants and pain au chocolat – my favorite french words :))


Aaah the Louvre Museum. It’s hard to decide what I love more – the paintings or the museum itself 🙂


And the beautiful architecture of Centre Pompidu


Montmartre is probably my favorite part of Paris. It has a nice artsy atmosphere, with a famous and beautiful Sacre Coeur, a park filled with people and lots of beautiful houses, covered in autumn colored leaves.





Moulin Rouge is just a short walk away from Montmartre. That colors!


Walking through most of Paris definitely had some benefits that made us forget about the pain in our feet. How could we saw these beautiful streets if we would only traveled by metro?



And when our feet were too tired, we decided it was time to go on a boat trip!


I feel obliged to post at least one photo of Eiffel tower 🙂 Due to its size, the best one was made from the boat.


The Notredame Cathedral I just had to see, as I’d heard so much about it at Art History.


One more view over the river Seine for the end:)


Do you use any photo editing app? Which is your favorite?

Je t’embrasse,


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