Month of Design



In Slovenia, October doesn’t mean only the beginning of the student year, but it’s also a month filled with many artistic and creative events, among them a festival named Month of Design. Through the month, people can visit exhibitions, seminars, fashion shows and take a moment to admire beautiful objects, from simple everyday product like hand blender to extravagant clothes and amazing interior design. And if you miss one or two events, there are still a lot more you can go to, as you can visit the festival till the beginning of November. All in all, it is worth a visit:) And a great opportunity for me and my two friends from First Blue Shoes and Peach Black to meet, hang out and do something useful at the same time (a.k.a. making us feel productive:)).


One of the exhibitions, that attracted me the most, was called Tapas. You probably all know tapas, that delicious Spanish snacks that go so well with a glass of beer? They come in many forms, tastes and combinations. Well, this exhibition presented three aspects of this delicious food. First, there’s the Kitchen, where you can admire creatively designed utensils, bowls and everything you need for the preparation of tapas. A lot of kitchen equipment I would love to have in my kitchen. 🙂 Secondly, there’s the Table and last but not least, Food. The exhibition was organized by Acción Cultural Española (AC/E) and it was the first time it was presented in Europe.

In my oppinion, the best way to get familiar with another culture is through it’s cuisine. Most of us enjoy in good food especially if it includes good company, maybe that is why the exhibition is so attractive and makes you look at all the little details presented. And nothing presents better than a good design. The place is also filled with many exhibitions, presenting amazing works of Slovenian designers, which are showing people what can be done in such a small country with a lot of imagination:)


If you are from Slovenia or you are planning a visit to our little capital, I would recommend you to take an hour or two and visit one of the exhibitions or events at Month of Design. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed. You can look at the program with events and exhibitions here.


What kind of exhibitions do you like to visit? I have a lot more to visit this month, soon you’ll hear about some beautiful interior design at Ambient Ljubljana.

Je t’embrasse,


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