Choco-Coco Vegan Pie



I’ve had these two gorgeous pie plates for about a year now, but they were just stuck in the cupboard, waiting for the perfect moment. And the inspiration finally appeared in France, where I saw a lot of mini pies, beautifully decorated and even more tasty. I got home and … Oh look! The coconut butter expires in 5 days! Let’s use it while I still can without worrying about stomach problems!:) I did some internet research to find inspiration no. 2 – some vegan pie recipes. After all, his was the first (I’m not kidding, first) time I was baking a pie and I had no clue what options I had. And I felt like eating chocolate and raspberries, one of my favorite dessert combinations. So after I got a feel what I can do and what to do to make this pie delicious I got to work and made a mess out of my kitchen but oh well, the result was worthy of all the cleaning up. And I have a dishwasher 🙂


I think I was making the pie for half of a day, but that was mainly because I kept putting the pie dough into the fridge for an hour or two (useful advice I found here), sometimes even longer because of some ”important tasks” in the meantime like coloring my hair and playing around with a lovely puppy that has just moved in with us. And with all of this running around I started making chocolate cream somewhere around the second time I put dough in the fridge, even though the best time would be after I took the dough out of the oven and waited for it to cool off. Note to myself – plan your baking in advance:)

This pie was made in the smaller plate, in case I would screw up and that way lees ingredients would go to waste 🙂  I used a cappuccino (or maybe just a little bigger) cup for the measuring, so if you want to make a bigger pie, I think the simplest way is to use a tea cup. It maybe looks like I’m complicating the recipe but actually I was hoping I would have enough (or not too much) mixture through the whole process.

Cookie dough (direct translation from Slovenian and I’m not sure if the same expression is used in English. It’s the thin and pie crust):
1/2 cup of coconut butter (cut into small pieces)
1 1/2 cup of spelt flour
2/3 cup of coconut flakes
1 tsp of raw brown sugar
dash or two of salt
1/2 cup of water

Chocolate cream:
1 1/2 cup of cashews (I usually leave them in water over the night so they mix more easily)
2/3 cup of melted coconut butter
2/3 cup of water
2/3 cup of agave syrup
2/3 cup of cocoa
1/2 cup of coconut flakes
1 or 2 tsp of vanilla extract
2 tsp of raw brown sugar

1 1/2 cup of raspberries
3 tbsp of coconut flakes


And now the procedure:

First you must make the pie crust, as it is the only thing that will need baking. First you take the spelt flour, salt and sugar, mix it all up and add coconut butter. Knead the mixture with your hands to combine the coconut butter and flour as best as possible. Then you add water, witch will make the while mixture more dough-like. In the end, add the coconut flakes and thoroughly knead the dough. Then it is time to wrap the dough in a plastic kitchen bag and leave it in the fridge. After an hour, take it out and leave it for about half an hour to warm up to room temperature. Put the dough on a dry surface, covered with baking paper and coconut flakes (yes, they prevent the sticking and also taste good:)). Roll the dough into a circle, big enough to cover the pie plate. Grease the plate with coconut butter and cover it with some coconut flakes (like the usual flour at baking). Turn the dough circle around and place it carefully in the plate, leaving the baking paper on the top so it can be easily removed later (the dough doesn’t really stick to the paper, but for this step, you leave it on :)). Then you put everything in the fridge and take it out after half an hour. Leave it outside for another half an hour and then bake it in the oven for 15-20 minutes at 175°C.

After the pie crust has been baked, leave it out to cool off and start working on the chocolate filling. Put the cashews in a blender and mix them for one minute. Then add water and mix again, and agave syrup and mix again … and repeat that for every ingredient on the list. Make sure that the ingredients have blended together and pour the mixture over the cooled off pie crust. In my case, the mixture reached almost to the top of the plate. Put everything in the fridge for another hour or two, until the mix hardens.

The last step is decoration. Here you just simply have to use your imagination and have fun 🙂

And which is your favorite kind of pie:)?


Je t’embrasse,


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