A short but sweet trip to Venice


I’ve been to Venice a few time, but this was the first visit in the carnival time. The last time I was there was in December, and my high expectations of seeing the beautiful town in full Christmas mood were crushed, after I found as few as five Christmas light and a (don’t want to be insulting but…) really lame attempt of the Nativity scene. Fortunately, the second visit fixed the impression! 🙂 The sun was shining and it felt a bit like spring was there. People were all dressed up in fancy costumes,  the whole city was alive, full of tourists and the locals, and there was a huge party in the main square. All in all, everything worked great together and Venice is back on the map of my favorite cities … and here are some pictures to show why:)

Je t’embrasse,



IMG_1037   IMG_0967

 IMG_1140   IMG_1024

IMG_1074    IMG_1052    IMG_1092    IMG_1084    IMG_1079    IMG_1117    IMG_1110    IMG_1125    IMG_1102







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