Fashion Week Zagreb

Seeing one fashion week each season isn’t enough, don’t you think so? Luckily, I live only two hours away from Zagreb, so it seemed reasonable to start exploring fashion over the border there. Me and my friend Barbara went there on a boring rainy Saturday afternoon to make our day a lot more fun. And we had an awesome evening, full of amazing dresses, beautiful people, pretty pictures and great energy around us. Fashion shows were all amazing, even though there were little similarities between them: some were very feminine, some more classy, some really provocative. The only things they had in common were great models, good music and of course, perfectly designed dresses (yeah, even Toni Rico’s provocative show, which involved a really small amount of clothes, was still awesome, despite the fact it was more connected with politics and culture than fashion).

Here are some flashbacks from that fun Saturday night (oh, and a video is coming soon:))

Je t’embrasse,


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IMG_8578  IMG_8574

IMG_8572  IMG_8571 IMG_8531  IMG_8310IMG_8297  IMG_8244IMG_8165  IMG_8174-2

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