Fashion Week in Ljubljana


Fashion week in Ljubljana started on 14th of October, it lasted for three days and was simply amazing. I had never worked at such a big event, so when my friend asked me to shoot some photos and videos for her blog I was really excited and enthusiastic. I have always been interested in fashion design, therefore a camera and a bunch of eccentric dresses dresses seemed like the perfect combination. Oh, and the fact that it was really hard to get a ticket:) But when you are press, you get an excellent sitting or standing spot along with free water … and wine and cocktails and energy drinks and so on before and after the show. Well, somehow you can still catch yourself jealously staring at the invited people with their gift bags:)

All in all, it was an unforgettable experience that produced million of photos:) And here are some of them, first in black and white and if you scroll just a bit more down, you get to see some color photos. The video is just in the making and after that, maybe a trip to some other country’s fashion week:)?

IMG_6478                                  IMG_6470 

IMG_7037                                  IMG_6424


IMG_7215                               IMG_6380



And for the end, some moments from Elle Style Awards:)



Je t’embrasse,


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