Summer project: NewCute


1002768_10201091213515762_434356868_nIn the beginning of the summer, me and my friends decided we want to shoot a video. We already made one as a school project in May and we discovered we love standing behind the camera and spending countless hours behind the computer and putting a video together. So we decided to make a concept and sent it to a fashion store Cute that we all liked. The owner loved the idea, so we packed our cameras, tripods, make up and summer dresses and headed to the seaside.
There we spend the whole day filming and we couldn’t find a free minute to jump in the water, but I really liked this other side of the beach. In the next days we gathered our energy back and spent an afternoon filming on the terrace of Ljublana’s popular cafe called Nebotičnik. Then there was a lot of work in front of us, but we wanted to show the final product as soon as we could, so the video was out in the end of July.
The whole thing was an amazing experience, because we decided to do everything, from acting to filming, ourselves. Here is the final product:)


Video made by five girls who wanted to make a fun summer video presenting jewelery from an online store NewCute. Thanks to Karin Bizjak for helping and supporting us throughout the whole project and thanks to Nebotičnik Ljubljana for letting us film on their beautiful terrace so we could capture the beautiful city of Ljubljana on the camera.

Maja Repnik
Pia Anžel
Barbara Naglič
Barbara Karničar

Screenplay, Directing, Cinematography, Editing by:
Jelka Kovačič
Pia Anžel
Barbara Naglič
Barbara Karničar

Make up: 
Pia Anžel

Barbara Karničar

All jewellery and bags used in this video avaliable on their site

Music: Summer Indie Rock by Sweet Wave Audio

July 2013

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